After all, it's just a ride….

World Gone Wild

As the international geopolitical situation becomes more akin to the ominous BBC news transmissions of the first half of Threads clearly the gods are toying with me, as this radioactive little book was launched through my letterbox this week. It’s a fun reference book where the authors have not only selected the obvious – the Mad Max, Damnation Alley, One Man And His Dog and Escape From New York’s of the post apocalypse/Armageddon genre, but they’ve also irradiated the dozens of direct to DVD entries and B Movies which frequently look hilariously bad and incompetently arranged. The books name is lifted from this which I admit I haven’t seen;

Looks like a classic, but yes that is Catherine Mary Stewart ofNight Of The Comet fame, looks like she had that genre down cold in the 1980’s, until her career expired with Weekend At Bernies. A-hem. I do apologise. Now, there is something of a wasteland of documentaries on this beloved sub-genre, and once they’ve emerged blinking from their scorch blasted bunker someone should get on that with, like, ballistic efficiency or something. As a generational cold war survivor whom remembers the urgent chatter regarding Threads in the playground the next day has the spectre of the bomb etched on my psyche, with this and Fallout 4 destined to occupy the festive season may we live in interesting times eh?


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