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Vilmos Zsigmond RIP (1930 – 2016)

A terrible start to the year, as we’ve just lost one of the key collaborators of Hollywood’s so-called golden period, the visionary Vilmos Zsigmond. Alongside Lazlo Kovacs, Vittorio Storaro and Nester Almendros he was one of the most skilled foreign born cameramen who worked in Tinseltown in the 1970’s, who also managed to maintain a fruitful career for many years afterward. What did he photograph? Oh nothing much, let’s just start with Heavens Gate shall we;

He also worked with Cimino on his multi Oscar winning Vietnam drama which you may have heard of, a little something calledThe Deer Hunter;

Altman was one of his other major compatriots, whether capturing that broiling Californian sun in The Long Goodbye or taking us into the past with the ethereal Western which has its bloody fingers all over next weeks The Hateful Eight;

Just to complete his 1970’s Hollywood Brats collection he also worked with De-Palma on one of his more arresting and self referential films of the period, Blow-Out;

Oh, and he worked with a mildly famous Steven Spielberg on a number of projects, including his debut The Sugarland Express, and this small piece about a suburban man going insane;

He got the Oscar for that, and there were plenty more amazing contributions, look here. This is a significant loss, here is some interview material which may give some insight into his unique talent and contribution to a handful of hugely influential films, perhaps even a couple of masterpieces.


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