After all, it's just a ride….

Hollywood Reporter Roundtable 2015

Interesting to hear the outtakes from The Shining story for the original cut of Blade Runner straight from Ridley’s mouth, and quite telling that Tom Hooper hadn’t heard the story before while the other guys just nodded along in knowing appreciation – says it all really;

I have to say QT seems more subdued and reflective in his old age, and that’s not a bad thing. Oh, and Danny the HAL myth of the letters deliberately directly preceding those of IBM has been confirmed as coincidence and unintentional for years. Jeez, must I correct everything around here? In other Blade Runner news if you freeze this at 01:50 you’ll note whose incept date it is tomorrow GMT, which is pretty scary;

Finally, let’s talk about colour shall we?

Kubrick In Color from Marc Anthony Figueras on Vimeo.


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