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Celluloid Senses Of 2015

Although it may already seem like a distant dream of aeons past 2015 is still fresh in cinema circles, as it’s only now we start to get the real, fully considered films of the years list from the more academic end of the spectrum. This is and always has been my favourite collection, as it not only considers new releases but also first watches of historical tomes from contributors all across the globe, and across a broad swathe of industry functions – programmers, professors, filmmakers and curators, exhibitors and editors. Here is a little visual appreciation to complement your perusal;

SPARK MOVIE TRAILER MASHUP 2015 from Maurits Malschaert on Vimeo.

I do find the Celluloid Liberation Front’s pseudo-Marxist sloganeering quite amusing I have to say, and their choice of Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo as part of a anti-gentrification double bill is near genius. I wonder what they’d make of the Godard season being blasphemously conducted in the heart of London’s bourgeois South Bank?


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