After all, it's just a ride….

Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer

The 1980’s reboot programme continues, except this time around Sony are playing with a radioactively rabid fan-base, and one of the more beloved films of the Reagan generation. Of course all the keening and wailing about it being a ladies fronted picture is utterly immaterial, as the one and only thing this film should be measured against is this – is it funny? As a fan of Kristen Wig and some of the other comedic actresses here I was mildly looking forward to this. Not in a ‘I’ve put the release date in my schedule’ kind of way, but more in a ‘oh I’m pleasantly excited to see this is coming out next week’ sort of way. If that makes sense. Anyway, here;

Do we have any word yet on potential cameos? Well, erm, certainly no major laughs in that preview, so the best I can say is I hope they’re left the gags for the film? Hmph……


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