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Ken Adam RIP (1921 – 2016)

For the Kubrickophile it has been something of a week of mourning, Tuesday was the anniversary of his passing in 1999, and just a couple of days ago we learned of the sad passing of Ken Adam, one of Stanley’s key production design collaborators. Alas I’m too busy to really do his contribution justice, but here is a flavour of the screen talks he conducted with Christopher Frayling a few years ago – I was privileged to see an identical event at the BFI but I can’t find any footage of that specific evening;

Naturally some Kubrick related material has resurfaced due to the anniversary, here is one of the more insightful articles on his final and still mysterious movie that still strengthens and deepens with age. Alongside picking up the Oscar for Barry Lyndon Adams is still best known for the Bond movies of course, but naturally I gravitate to arguably the most relevant and terrifying black comedy of all-time – a certain US presidential candidate just slips easily into this nightmare vision of power and insanity doesn’t he?

As for this weekend I’ll try to crowbar in screenings of Anomolisa and The Witch among two other films which I think look intensely essential, not to mention wrapping up my Melville season, crafting coverage of a certain Menagerie mecca that I saw this week and then prepare for two imminent and essential BFI screenings as part of this before we get to Kurosawa in April when we suicidally unleash the dogs of war. Oh, and I need to find a new place to live in the next six weeks. Madness, absolute, end of the world madness….


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