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Akhnaten – ENO Philip Glass

It seems more than a little flippant and self centred to post something somewhat inconsequential on such a horrible day, but that’s what the fuckers want us to do isn’t it? So pushing events to one side its been a whirlwind week for personal reasons, I won’t bore you with the details but the position this country has gone to when it comes to housing is a cluster-fuck of generational dimensions. I had a slight respite from these problems by visiting the opera last week, not an unknown event but given this was third visit in fourteen years I wouldn’t exactly call myself an aficionado or anything, even if this was the final part of the Philip Glass trilogy, some footage from another performance can be seen here;

There’s not much material leaked from the ENO production other than that provided below, but I can confirm that visually this was amazing, particularly in the latter acts when they broke the scale of the space to gave definition to the arena in a more three dimensional plane of axis opposed to the closer opening movements. The choice of jugglers as some theatrical symbol waned between thrilling to distracting, but the most importantly of all the music was stunning as it built its momentum and tempo over the three hours of performance;

I’m several leagues out of my comfortable idiom but overall this was an amazing evening, we had great seats yet it wounds me that I choose to live here in one of the great cities of the world but never fully exploit its natural resources, artistic and otherwise. So here’s to the next few years, if I can manage to extricate myself from the wreckage of London’s housing environment and not be forced to move further afield;


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