After all, it's just a ride….

The Neon Demon (2016) Trailer

Well this looks lavish from a design and photography standpoint, and enigmatic on plot which is welcome. Having rewatched Refn’s Pusher trilogy again recently it is curious to see how this ‘cannibal horror movie set in the world of fashion’ might shape up since he’s moved into this middle phase of his career. No sight of Keanu though, unless I missed it;

In vaguely related news – Neon Demon is premiering there – this year’s Cannes line-up has just been issued and there are some exciting nuggets in the mix – finally a new Andrea Arnold, a fiction and non-fiction Jarmusch, another Jeff Nichols,  one Park Chan-wook, a Mungiu, a Kore-eda and finally a Verhoeven are all on my watch-list.  That’s just a brief scan but I’m sure there will be plenty to keep me amused…..but no real ‘killer’ new film announcement that has me exceptional excited I have to say….


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