After all, it's just a ride….

Minty’s Moviedrome Menagerie…..

Interesting stumble down memory lane this weekend, as I finally received numerous boxes of books, DVD’s, comics and assorted paraphernalia that I’ve had in storage for a near decade. So with a nod to the future and a glance to the past I’ve decided to institute a new activity, a Sunday night tribute to the sorely missed Moviedrome season that was a essential learning experience for any budding 1980’s cinephile. I’m not gonna be constructing new reviews around these re-watches – I don’t have the time nor inclination to commit to yet another strand of writing – but I might throw together some capsule reviews, dependent on my temperature. First up for tonight’s entertainment? A 1970’s urban minimalist classic;

EDIT – Ahhh, there are far more interactive and instructive links out there on MD such as this and this, oddly I always thought that I first discovered The Driver through this programming perfection but apparently not as it was never on the schedule. In any case Walter Hill’s best film is certainly within the spirit of such fantastic stuff…..


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