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Well now, it has taken a few months and numerous Netflix nomination diversions, but I am finally happy to report that I have laughed and screamed through what we can confidently term Evil Dead IV, otherwise known as last year’s tensile TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead. To say I was overjoyed with this return to the realm of Deadities and deadly delirium would be something of an understatement, in a world plagued with weakly conceived and Executive mandated reboots this series is a near miracle, emulating a feel identical in spirit to it’s original incarnation which simply refused to dilute the groan-worthy gags or glutenous gore given the alleged small screen constraints. I laughed out loud like a maniac at certain moments, and it is pretty darn rare for a TV series to have that effect one me these days;

As a fanboy I’ll admit it was such good fun to see the return of the slapstick cartoon cruelty, the self-aware goofy quips, the entity-cam, the dutch angles and whip-pans, and of course Bruce Campbell’s claim to immortality in the form of Ash who retains his persona of something of a jerk, but a vaguely loveable and resourceful jerk. The plot as it was could be criticised as being somewhat perfunctory, but I think if you’re approaching an Evil Dead resurrection hoping for some ingenious narrative nuance then you might deserve to have your tarnished soul retched down to the deepest caverns of hell;

After Sam Raimi’s delirious direction of the opening belter the series maintained its manic energy through the portfolio of guest directors, and the hilarious violence (some of which I was genuinely surprised to see they got past the censor) and a roster of new, thinly sketched but perfectly serviceable characters kept the train on track. My initial question as to why Evil Dead III is no longer considered canon has been solved by some electronic hunting, it seems they don’t hold the rights so can’t write in elements and references to the final big screen 1990 instalment which isn’t a significant problem as they’ve just ignored the whole medieval instalment to maintain focus and ferocity. I’m pretty sure Season 2 has already been commissioned which might be a little overkill as the season was probably three or four episodes too long, but I guess as long as the maintain the quip quotient and that extremely difficult to achieve balance of horror and comedy then this will be worth another tango around the block. A corpse quenched congratulations to Raimi and the gang for an absolute nightmare dream return to form, I fucking loved it and am looking for some more sulphurous sugar baby. With the news of a new Halloween remake, potentially directed by Mike Oculus Flanagan and produced by Carpenter 2016 is looking more and more gruesome. Suffice to say that TV has been a hell of a lot more successful that movies in delivering quality material this year for us geriatric genre and gore hounds;


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