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New Kubrick Perspectives

Yup, it’s Kubrick time again, however brief. Now that I have settled into my new yard and got most of the chores and arrangements completed, I have finally started to get stuck into this bruising book. It’s a series of academic level analysis of material culled from the Kubrick achieve to the London University Of Arts back in 2007. It’s taken a few years but researchers and analysts have started to put together a fascinating picture of a career which stretches back to the Greenwich Village bohemia of the late 1940’s to the sexy squalor of Soho’s Madame JoJo’s in the late 1990’s. I’m only about three essays in so far but I’ve picked up a few intriguing observations and thought strands – Kubrick was courting Joseph Heller to write Strangelove before Terry Southern or example – and then I found this;

the kubrick zoom from Connor Hinson on Vimeo.

Compounding is todays revelation on the best Kubrick Facebook Appreciation Society that somehow, someone is selling the rare import European Blu-Ray set for a mere 30 quid, which is quite a drop from the 150 quid it was trading for last year. Why? Because this is the only box set that features two newly commissioned documentaries which is not available on other media, and has been ruthless purged from YT and all the streaming sites. Only some kind mad fool would spend 30 English pounds on a boxed set containing films he already owns – well part from Strangelove which had been omitted from the widely available collection with all its controversial aspect ratios……..

Stanley Kubrick : A Life In Sounds / Candice Drouet from Really Dim on Vimeo.

In other news I did manage to see The Nice Guys last week and have started putting something together, and I’ve just booked tickets for a cool sounding Q&A at the weekend, with something a little more continental screening wise. I’ve been scouring the multiplexes for something to see to break up the week and what choices do we have? Alice Through The Looking Glass. X-Men: Apocalypse.Warcraft. Teenage Fucking Mutant Fucking Ninja Fucking Turtles Fucking Two. Worst summer season of the decade?


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