After all, it's just a ride….

How much does a Gaffer earn?

…and the answer to other esoteric Hollywood financial thresholds are included in this fascinating (to me) breakdown of the typical salaries of a routine $200 million picture;

I’ll admit to being very surprised to see that an Editor earns a cool million or so, despite their critical input I somehow thought they were lower down the food chain. Then again when you consider someone like Michael Khan ACE who has cut every Spielberg film since CE3K then I’d say he’s been instrumental in bringing in a few quid. It goes to say that these are just upfront salary fees and the real money is filtered through the residuals that the producers, director and main cast will negotiate, the ‘points’ that they take from the gross box office before P&A and exhibition costs push concepts such as ‘profit’ and ‘dividends’ into the most quantum distances of Hollywood fiscal arcana. Finally this makes clear how much that alleged great leveller, the rise of CG and associated digital amelioration actually costs a production when the horde of animators and compositors strolls by at 2:56, which is kinda ironic as the industry thought they’d be a financial godsend by obliterating the need to hire clothe and feed hundreds of extras, of building enormously vast and complicated explosive sets, or expensive global location shooting which they assumed could all be cheaply reproduced in the bowels of a computer;


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