After all, it's just a ride….

Jack Reacher – Never Go Back (2016) Trailer

It pains me to merely post another trailer, but having spent the weekend reading through the slow disintegration of Western civilisation I have been somewhat distracted. I did however manage to get to the cinema to see something of a classic, and I’m trying to work through my schedule to catch The Neon Demon this week. The possibility of infiltrating Independence Day II did cross my mind but I think I am finally getting to the position where, just like the last X-men picture, if the reviews are just so universally atrocious and the trailers look terrible I just can’t be bothered and will wait for the inevitable small screen disappointment. So until then here is the Cruise;

Herzog’s amusing performance and some well executed action set-pieces aside I didn’t particularly care for the original Jack Reachr picture, but this could be a vaguely distracting piece of entertainment…


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