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RIP Abbas Kiarostami (1940 – 2016)

2016, the gift that just keeps on giving. At this rate I’m depressingly expecting one of the Menagerie favourites to leave us before their final projects are realised, I’m not naming names as any invariant curse I could conjure would be just too much to bear. So RIP Abbas Kiarostami, although if I’m honest he was never a particular favourite of mine. I’ve seen maybe half a dozen of his films and while I can understand and reveal in what he managed to do, really working at the margins of storytelling and structure, I rarely had any emotional connection to his work thus I compartmentalism him as a major figure like Fellini or Eisenstein whom I respect but never particularly connected with. Nick James, editor of Sight & Sound has cited him as a genius who ‘revived neorealism with postmodern structures and gave us intimate insights into Iranian life and landscape’, here is a much better celebration than I could ever muster, and his majestic tribute to Ozu who was a marked influence;

Five (Dedicated to Ozu) Abbas Kiarostami 2003 from Tito Molina Faceblog videos on Vimeo.


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    July 26, 2016 at 11:23 PM

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