After all, it's just a ride….

London Calling

Well, that was a day. Fifteen years ago i embarked on this phase of my career, finally I return to the bustling environs of Whitehall, with a significant wealth of skills and experience under my belt – despite some little delays with a start date we finally got on site and I couldn’t be more relived. You may recall that I have a small, rather pointless checklist through which I assess the efficiency of any organisation, and allocate proficiency marks on a new employers efficiency through their provision of  a) a desk, last-top, phone and sign-in, b) security pass programmed and c) some elementary induction pack, business case, Cabinet report, Terms of Reference, that sort of thing. Suffice to say this was a ten out of ten on all counts, apart from b) as I slowly proceed through the second tier of security vetting which can take the FCO up to a month to complete. I was a little nervous I must admit, I’m not saying that watching too much media can prejudice you to the cut and thrust of Westminster, but whilst I was potentially facing this;

….everyone couldn’t have been more welcoming and enthusiastic, in fact they were perhaps a little too friendly <narrows eyes in suspicion>. For the layman It looks as if I’m going to be delivering a joint initiative between the CO and the LGA, influencing the submission of EoI’s and inevitably evolved MoU’s from CC’s and BC’s across the OPE programme, utilising regional mechanisms such as the LEP’s to build relationships across DfT, NHS, DwP, MoJ, MoD and so-called ‘Blue Light’ stakeholders – a little like how the DCLG would oversee and manage ERDF initiatives, but of course you already realised that <chuckles appreciatively> Who says that government burearchy  is dead, eh?

It’s just so brilliant to be working back in London after 18 or so months out in the gulags of Surrey and Essex, those assignments have led organically into this opportunity so I can’t complain, and with a new Mayor in post and from my working on what my initial analysis seems to be an exceedingly high-profile program I’ve had a very optimistic induction, another major achievement for the year. Also, leaving the office and being back in Canary Wharf in 30 fucking minutes is just….it’s…it’s just beautiful………<wipes single tear from eye>……


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