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RIP Gene Wilder (1933 – 2016)

Ah, sad news, and some of the circumstances of his passing make it clear while he withdrew from public appearances some years ago. He was the second ‘celebrity’ I ever saw in interview at the BFI way back at the birth of the last decade, and I remember him as being  warm, gregarious but slightly distant interviewee, I think it was Jonathan Ross who was the master of ceremonies. In terms of tribute no doubt the usual suspects will be quite rightly scorching through social media – Wonka, Blazing Saddles, his collaborations with Richard Pryor – but I’ll always remember hm for this, one of the great all time cinephile comedies;

I’ve been reading numerous reports that Spielberg tried to coax him out of retirement to star in Ready Player One, which makes me wonder what kind of part he thought might be appropriate for Wilder. Mark Rylance for the part;


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