After all, it's just a ride….

Carpenter’s Crafts…

Just checking in to say I’m immensely excited at some localised movie news this week, coinciding with the arrival of this months Sight & Sound and the programme for this years LFF which just peeked through the virtual letterbox. Firstly, we have a expansive article on JC which looks like a lot of fun, and more power to his raising stature in the critical firmament. From the postscript of this piece I have learned that the BFI are devoting a full two month retrospective to his work in the Autumn, no doubt timed to coincide with the live soundtrack gigs, although the prospect of a Southbank Q&A remains elusively unconfirmed – I’m sure they are working on it. In other news the LFF schedule is fairly interesting considering my self-enforced civilian status this year, I’m aiming at about ten films I want to see that I have churned into the ballot, I guess we’ll see how that goes. There is one specific event for which I am praying for tickets however – I’m not going to elaborate for fear of a jinx other than to say this. I’ll try to craft something a little more substantive on the whole LFF schedule after the weekend, but until then, this;

The Films of John Carpenter from Faboolis on Vimeo.


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