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Primal Scream & Friends, On Blackheath, 2016

TWhat madness is this, a music post? In the film obsessed Menagerie? Well, I just thought it might be fun to throw a few links together following a very successful weekend, I a do have another music event to cover which I saw a couple of weeks ago, we’ll have to come back to that later as I’m struggling to find appropriate links. Anyway, this weekend I was dragged along to the On Blackheath music festival, nestled deep in the suburbs of South East London, with the peospect of seeing the Saturday headline act Primal Scream as the main attraction. What was the second best thing about this as a forty(coughs) something? That within 45 minutes of the last chord reverberating I was back home in the Isle Of Dogs, relaxing with my thoughts, I don’t think I’ve been to any musical event, exhausted, drunk and sweaty, and got back to the warm safety of my bed after a ten minute walk and a handful of stops on the DLR. A fascinating insight to you all I’m sure, so lets move on with a few comments and some alternate sourced live footage;

Have you heard of A.R. Kane? No, me neither, but you wiser, NME gobbling musos may be aware of this quietly influential yet still relatively unknown band. Shoe gazing was a a genre I grew up with, alongside the rise of Madchester and the first flowerings of House and Techno bands such as Lush, Slowdive, Ride and The Pale Saints were drenching indie clubs around the country in dry-ice, strobe lights, taty cardigans and M head haircuts. Little did I know that as always with these things some unrecognized and little known artisans that set the aural landscape for these movements, as A.R. Kane are said to have heralded the entire genre of so-called dram-pop, and were a massive influence on the intense My Bloody Valentine. I love that, just like with movies, there are always some progenitors who build a unique, unrealized genre, then for numerous technological or aesthetic reasons the style gains purchase in the cultural DNA, like the obscure and unknown Stranger On the The Third Floor was the the first fatal kiss of film-noir that birthed a still potent genre that continues today, Its a shame they played so early in the day in one of the side tents but the crowd for them swelled as their set got stronger, and even afflicted with some technical issues they ended on a psychedelic high.

I don’t have a huge amount to say about Hot Chip, I think they’re OK and have a handful of groovylicous danceable tracks, and live they were fairly strong and kept the crowd warmed up for the main act through what was slowly turning to be a drizzly and rather miserable afternoon, weatherwise. So yeah, they were pretty good. (shrugs). That’s it. Let’s move on to the main attraction….

I’d seen Primal Scream in Hammersmith about a decade ago, always one of my favorite bands of that era as opposed to The Stone Roses or The Happy Mondays whom I think have dated quite considerably, but despite some ups and downs they have kept rocking over the past thirty years which is pretty good going. Naturally it was great to see three tracks from their seminal album Screamadelica plus a few other hits, they took a while to get going but once they launched into Swastika Eyes the groundwork was set for a storming final session;


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