After all, it's just a ride….

Terry Riley – Barbican (2016)

My minimalist experience continues, with a Saturday night at the Barbican which was throughly fascinating. I joke among friends that I am dragged to these experiences, but they are terrific fun, broadening the horizons for the Menagerie whom really doesn’t appreciate the influence of these inceptors to the music which has been the soundtrack to our lives – techno, post-punk, and much of my favourite movie composers. Truth be told the first act wasn’t particuraly inspiring, but the main event was quite remarkable, a benchmark for all the music that has been the soundtrack to one’s life over the years. Yes, I understand in concept that every performance of this piece ‘in C’ marks it as unique and precious, but after that my critical powers diminish other than to say it was terrific, so enough, and here enjoy a similar performance;


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