After all, it's just a ride….

London Film Festival 2016 – Phase I

Well, OK, there might have been some complications as I’ve missed some films already = not ideal, but a firends birthday celebrations can occasionally trump all things cinematic. I did however see Mr. Paul Verhoeven today and it was all I wanted, a fantastic Q&A with a fine and amusing raconteur, that threaded his domestic work through to his brilliant, unsurpassed, prophetic phase of corrosive Hollywood satire. Personally speaking this was my film event of the year, at least until I see Mr. Carpenter in a few weeks.

Can’t wait to see Elle on Tuesday, it sounds like after a few years in the wilderness he’s fully back on challenging controversial form, and without pre-empting my full write-up can someone please initiate a massive kickstarter for his still in genesis Jesus as Che Guevara bio-pic? It really could be the most controversial film of all time, if he can crack the script structure. It also looks like La La Land, the sophomore effort from the dude behind the energetic Whiplash is an early favourite for numerous awards, on the surface this isn’t my sort of thing (musicals? Errgh) but good luck to an emerging and interesting talent. Me? Well, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s disturbing cannibal horror….tasty;

In other news when wondering around the Barbican a fortnight ago I and a friend were amused to spy some vehicles that seemed ripped straight from a 2000AD physical translation – it turns out that Spielberg is in town shooting his new picture, I assume as pick-ups from his Birmingham experience, so we had unexpectedly got a glimpse into Ready Player One’s 1990’s DTV production design – old school, reminiscent of the likes of Hardware, Salute Of The Jugger, Bronx Warriors etc. etc….


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