After all, it's just a ride….

2017 Mooks

Right, OK, this is getting ridiculous. After not one but two Carpenter seasons this year, a detour down Alan Clark avenue, and Spielberg session at the BFI you’d think I’d be looking forward to a quiet start to 2017 and maybe a modest chance to get that Kurosawa season finally out of the dojo. Apparently fucking not;

It has been a source of constant shame that in ten years I haven’t covered, at least in full undivided review mode, a single 1970’s, 1980’s or even 1990’s Marty picture. Now it appears I have a opportunity to correct this grievous oversight, of one of my all time favourite filmmakers, enthusiasts, preservationists, raconteurs, etc etc.. To begin Goodfellas, Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy are all essentials – I mean that goes without saying – so I guess we’ll see what we can do about certain, select others….now go get your fucking shine box……

Martin Scorsese – A Tribute from Alexandre Gasulla on Vimeo.


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