After all, it's just a ride….

Dark Halloween Lagoons…..

This meme has mostly been representing my reaction to Halloween this year, although I have enjoyed American Horror Hotel Season 5 which I veinjacked this weekend – great soundtrack choices, including faintly obscure Cure, Depeche ModeSisters Of Mercy and Tangerine Dream drills, the latter running as a barely cloaked evil epiphany throughout the entire season. Still, tonight, soundwise the Menagerie finally sees John Carpenter and all his acolytes in all their gruesome glory, which is beyond immortal imagination. I will have a review of this and a recent Carpenter classic screening to follow;

….and this has made me discover that the brilliant Near Dark is only available in Blu-Ray region 1, what unholy travesty is this? Still, my old-school DVD double pack is my tribute to the pagan hangover of choice, ‘pray for daylight’ indeed, and just to gloat it looks fantastic, some might say freshly blooded on my upscaling A/V system…..


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