After all, it's just a ride….

A little Scorsese Solace….

Well. What is there to be said? I’ve been quiet as I’ve been as terrified, horrified and scared as the rest of you, during this slip into some direct to video 1990’s dystopian B movie. But it’s real, and Van Damage or Dolph Lungren are not going to turn up and save the day. So the numbness begins to recede, slowly but surely, and we find solace in our obsessions and the loves of our lives. There’s plenty more to say but you’ve heard it all I’m sure, so I’m focusing on the things I love – case in point I’m hugely looking forward to the Scorsese season that might blot out some of the terror of the inauguration in January. Take care of yourselves, hug your loved ones a little more, and maybe we’ll get through the way the world seems to be turning;


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