After all, it's just a ride….

Ghost In The Shell (2017) Trailer

Despite the horrors of the real world this week we appear to be hurtiling into a golden period of screen SF, I’ve just got back from catching Arrival with my brain still scrambled by its brilliance, only to see this hacked onto my feeds;

Looking pretty magnificent, isn’t it? Closest we’ll every get to a Neuromancer translation, and as a Depeche Mode fan the deployment of that Enjoy The Silence cover made me grin like a over-amphetimised pleasure-bot. I also like the look of Passengers which could be compelling on just the space opera visuals front, and Luc Besson’s latest also looks worth a cinema visit, despite his recent transgressions. Damn, I’m trying to think of some pun on the whole ‘the future’s not bright, the future’s orange’ motto but that just reminds me of the US results and my ecstatic mood has just been blasted out of hyperspace…..


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