After all, it's just a ride….

Children Of Men (2006) Reprise

So this is doing the rounds, and rightly so. I re-watched the film recently as part of a still unpublished rewatch of 2000’s films, and am still deeply disappointed in myself at not seeing it at the flicks when it was released – as a prophetic slice of SF it surely is some kind of masterpiece. There is a great deal of deployment of the so-called long take these days, on both TV and cinema, most of which is unjustified from a storytelling sense – but that’s another blog post. Cuarón on the other hand is a master and his technique is married to the material, in an organic and thrilling way. Watch the film again, think of the political rhetoric and obstacles we now face, and get fucking organised as it’s gonna be tough;

Children of Men – every shot 45 seconds or longer from Refocused Media on Vimeo.


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