After all, it's just a ride….

RIP William Peter Blatty (1928 – 2017)

The grim reaper, it seems, has started his work this year. Curiously I revised his little known picture The Ninth Configuration a few weeks ago, it’s a rather strange debate on the nature of life and death, of good and evil, just like his cultural milestone which still causes shudders and chills over forty years later;

In other news yes I’m aware of the Twin Peaks teasers, but I’m not in the business of linking to insubstantial marketing and am awaiting a full, revelatory trailer. Also, if the January blues have got you down then maybe a perusal of the greatest movie best-of-list can distract you from the freezing weather, you can begin here, and finally here is a wonderful article on Steven on the occasion of his 70th birthday…


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