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Lynch Talk…

Some amusing anecdotes here, and Naomi’s Lynch impression is priceless. Counting down the days now, and the question is does one take a day off work to stay up and watch the return at 2am UK time? Well, what do you think….

Jonathan Demme RIP

Goddamn it, another one gone. I saw him at the BFI a decade or so ago, introducing his Jimmy Carter documentary, and he came across as a thoroughly committed and down to earth chap. Naturally all the memorials are leading with Silence Of The Lambs which is a terrific movie, and of course he directed what is arguably the best concert movie of all time, but I have a soft spot for the Hitchockian The Last Embrace which is an overlooked 1970’s paranoia picture;

EDIT – Ah, now this is more fitting, this is how you direct and cut an iconic scene ladies and gentlemen;

Happy Birthday Jack…

One of my all time favourite actors, 80 years young today. Hang in there dude…..

The Little Hours (2017) Trailer

Dear, beloved, gentle readers I confess I fear for the very sanctity of my precious immortal soul, as this trailer made me cackle like a cacodemon;

Withnail & 30

Thirty years ago this month, UK boozy cult classic Withnail & I was released to an unsuspecting audience. Here is a excellent revisit to some of the movies classic scenes and moments, which you can revisit through the magic of cinema here;

Star Wars – The Last Jedi (2017) Teaser

The first of many I’m sure, teasers that is. I enjoyed VII immensely, significantly more than the disappointing Rogue One, and in there careful way this teases just enough to keep even us remotely interested nerds salivating like a Sarlacc in mating season;

Screen On Screen…

This is nice, I instantly though of JC’s Mountains Of Madness when I read the premise of the supercut;

Thor – Ragnarok (2017) Trailer

Hmm, having watched, and thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Strange over the weekend I think I’ll give this a chance, even though I don’t particularly care for the Thor movies;

The Mummy (2017) Full Trailer

Oh Tom what have you done? Even with the sound fixed this looks bad, like Suicide Squad dimensions of quantum interstellar density black-hole bad;

A Ghost Story (2017) Trailer

I can’t quite work out what genre this might haphazardly slot into, but it sure looks intriguing;