After all, it's just a ride….

Performance (1970) Particulars….

This is not a political blog, although some of you won’t be surprised that the chaotic maelstrom of results and attended implications of the UK general election have been tepidly welcomed around these parts – the political dust is still settling. There are entire volumes of analysis offered by souls wiser than me, but the fact that Kensington, a beyond safe Tory bulwark for decades, maybe centuries, has shifted in a historic manner to Labour strikes me as an symptom of modern globalisation. Foreign oligarchs hollowing out the fabric of our capital with void occupation now staggers the Tory temples. Interesting times;

OK, I only offer this as a fun fact that this is also the constituency which houses the Daily Heil HQ – brilliant. In other news I’m engineering a Wonder Woman and Mummy double bill tomorrow. Looking forward to one, less to the other….



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