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Cheque’s In The Mail…

Released thirty years ago today, one of the all time great teen apathy movies was made, which for me is up there with Rebel Without A Cause, A Clockwork Orange, Gummo, Over The Edge, Spring Breakers and The Outsiders and as one of the all time great teen movies. Tim Hunter, who went on to direct a few episodes of Twin Peaks crops up now and again on TV projects;

Some of the films memorable lines are still exchanged between me and my friends when the situations requires, hence the post title. Here’s a brief documentary;


S Is For Stanley (2017) Trailer

Jolly excited about this for obvious reasons, it hits US Netflix tomorrow and hopefully will arrive in Europe shortly after;

EDIT – Darkly amused, and acutely disturbed that Oliver Stone got Putin to watch Dr. Strangelove for the first time accordingly to his problematic and revealing series of interviews that is currently airing. In an ideal world it should be requisite viewing for every head of state of course;

Black Panther (2018) Trailer

Two hours of sleek Afro-futurism? Count me in. Also this seems to triggering all the usual moans about omissions and inclusions….

Performance (1970) Particulars….

This is not a political blog, although some of you won’t be surprised that the chaotic maelstrom of results and attended implications of the UK general election have been tepidly welcomed around these parts – the political dust is still settling. There are entire volumes of analysis offered by souls wiser than me, but the fact that Kensington, a beyond safe Tory bulwark for decades, maybe centuries, has shifted in a historic manner to Labour strikes me as an symptom of modern globalisation. Foreign oligarchs hollowing out the fabric of our capital with void occupation now staggers the Tory temples. Interesting times;

OK, I only offer this as a fun fact that this is also the constituency which houses the Daily Heil HQ – brilliant. In other news I’m engineering a Wonder Woman and Mummy double bill tomorrow. Looking forward to one, less to the other….


No, he’s Spartacus….

Always found it clunky when they do this in movies, but this super-cut is kinda fun;

Title Drops from Roman Holiday on Vimeo.

American Made (2017) Trailer

What’s that, the Cruiser has been spotted in a non-franchise picture? Will wonders never cease? Anywho, this could be fun, its tangent to the Cocaine Cowboys story already has me interested;

Depeche Mode, Spirit Tour, London 2017

The Basildon boys are back, and like a dutiful soldier I naturally attended their only 2017 UK date, in the hallowed halls of the old Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Regular readers will appreciate that I have been following this band nigh on 27 years, missing only one tour, so here are some highlights with the usual apologies for poor filming techniques;

Here is an amusing and earnest chat with frontman Dave ‘Call Me Dave’ Gahan, from the frequently excellent Nerdist podcast. Unfortunately we missed the first track due to some poor time management issues, but the party only really got rocking when they delved into the back catalogue and the crowd rose to its feet;

As something of an obsessive list person it was brilliant to finally tick off some songs of theirs I have never seen live, and for the ‘proper’ fans I think the two track Martin Gore mid-set sequence was the best I’ve witnessed during the numerous times I’ve seen them;

If you put a gun to my head I think this was the best track of the evening, another back catalogue highlight that chimes with the ethos of their recent album Spirit, which I confidently assert is their best album in a decade;

So yet another great evening, somewhat overshadowed by the events at London Bridge that we learnt about once we retired to a pub in Bow for a final nightcap, but let’s just leave that event undiscussed as that’s the antithesis of what those fuckers want us to do. Instead, enjoy this main set closer which is always an exhilarating experience, 60,000 people in arm swinging unison which is what is uniquely great about these big, stadium events;

Ministry Of Sound

Listen to this, some great examples, and a potent reminder that I must finish my Once Upon A Time In The West review which I saw at the BFI back in February. And the half dozen Scorsese reviews that are outstanding. So lazy;

In other news and completely unrelated, here is a fantastic appreciation of Se7en which I thought I’d share. Love that movie, made only through an initial mistake that an original draft was mistakenly circulated to Fincher with the infamous bleak ending, still one of these genuine ‘how did this get made? discussion points some twenty years later…

Lucky Logan (2017) Trailer

Stephen’s back! Having revisited a number of his recent movies I am beyond happy to see that his retirement was premature, I really do think he is one of the most underrated US directors of the past twenty or so years. This looks like a lot of fun, with an expansive cast, and Daniel Craig looks like he’s having a laugh;

You Were Never Really Here (2017) Trailer

I’ve not been closely following much of the Cannes coverage this year, but nevertheless a few films have leapt out as ‘must sees’ as the awards are parcelled out this evening. As a big fan of Lynne Ramsay its great to hear she’s back on track with this, after that Jane Got A Gun debacle;