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El Clan (2015) Trailer

It’s slightly unusual to see a US studio backing such a limited appeal domestic project, but the notorious source material has propelled it as the most lucrative Argentinian domestic opening of recent memory. El Clan concerns a well-heeled Buenos Aires family who abducted people from their own neighborhood, demanding hefty ransoms, before executing their victims upon payment – ugly stuff to be sure. The twist of course is that this is based on a true story known to the population if you are of a certain age to recall the crimes, which occurred from 1982 to 1985;

After Wild Tales international success this seems like an ideal and organic continuation of possible breakthroughs, although given the saturated market I doubt that this film will get much more than potential festival exposure in our hemisphere. Still, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled as the profile of Pablo Trapero rises, more on him and his superb work later in the year…..

Sight & Sound Summer

Bit of a messy pot-pourri today, culled mostly from my commute reading of this months Sight & Sound. It seems that I’ve missed a mind-expanding trick with the new Jodorowski which got a glowing Blu-Ray review, I don’t think this ever got any sort of domestic theatrical release which is a sign of the multiplex times;

In other new release news the great Kim Newman gave this a reasonable pass on the horror hectic front, yes its another zombie apocalypse premise – how interesting – but apparently it does have a fun antipodean spin to its putrid proceedings;

Some sad news is the unexpected demise of The Dissolve, depressing proof it needed that intelligent and insightful movie debate and analysis simply can’t survive in the contemporary stifling internet atmosphere of buzzfeed ‘best-of’ lists, of breathless exultations of ‘STOP THE PRESS – EXCLUSIVE’ regarding the most pointless and uncontextual movie-set photos, of obsessive frame by frame trailer dissections, of long rambling diatribes on the importance of which actress was cast as the new Aunt May in yet another fucking reboot of a fucking comic book fucking movie fucking franchise. I like my good blockbusters just as I like all other strains of cinema as long as they are ‘good’, but when some of the best writers around find themselves suffocated out of existence then there is something very, very wrong.

Just to close this rather scattergun thoughtblurt – I’m writing this on my commute in a sun addled train hurtling uncertainly through the Essex countryside – one little quote from the DVD review section of Sight & Sound concerning Peter Greenaway’s Drowning By Numbers is absolutely delicious – ‘Greenaway often looks too singular to produce a genuine inheritor but here Wes Anderson could be his kind hearted nephew’ – that is a brilliant insight and little gems like that make my entire yearly subscription worthwhile, that’s the kind of movie insight and analysis which needs to be preserved….

A Partial Cure For The Summertime Blues….

Christ, its all kicking off today isn’t it? Well to combat the malaise as I have no review this week here is some filler which is intended to provoke a grin of stirring appreciation. It’s far too Americentric for its own good but still reasonably effective with a good mix of classics;

I love the score from 06:51, always a favourite. So it’s been rather quiet lately here at Menagerie towers but I have a fairly intense month booked at the BFI for July, kicking off with a very odd horror cult curio which I’ve been trying to see again for years, and a couple of special events concerning one of the UK’s most fragmented film pioneers – remember this is on Sunday. Before then I suppose I might manufacture a review of the new Terminator film which by all accounts is as terrible as the trailer suggests, and there was me thinking that this summer couldn’t evolve a worse picture than Jurassic World

The Visit (2015) Trailer

Yes I’ve been quiet, and yes this is more mere filler, but when you see what I have been quietly beavering away on some of you SF genre fans should be intrigued. I have been toying with posting the ‘new’ Fantastic Four trailer but it just makes me want to clobber things, and yes I know a final Mad Max trailer is doing the rounds which I refuse to watch as anticipation levels are high enough as it is, so instead here’s the new M.Night Shayamalan’s alleged high quality return to his spooky case-studies;

Oh, I see it’s a found footage picture. Nothing desperate then after the catastrophe of Another Earth ’cause that terror delivery system’s not been done to fucking death….

My Life Directed: Nicolas Winding Refn (2015)

One for cinephiles fascinated with the behind the scenes artistic insecurities and technical obstacles of physical filmmaking perhaps, but tonight I’m giving this a look;

It’s only 58 minutes long so isn’t exactly a stretch, and is a fine enough peek behind the viewfinder into the world of long days, of foreign crews and waning inspiration, a director grappiling with that very difficult follow-up to an adored critical and financial smash – Drive. Nothing particularly revelatory is contained therein, but it has prompted me to give Only God Forgives another look and see how it holds up to a third viewing……

Leonard Nimoy RIP

Skegness, 1982, and after being annoyed that we couldn’t see Firefox Down as it was a 15 a disgruntled Minty is dragged along to see some bloody Star Trek movie. Of course everyone will be posting this scene for obvious reasons but it had a profound effect on the nine year old me, I revisted the film last year and it still stands up;

As others have succinctly put it I’m not much of a Star Trek fan but I was a Leonard Nimoy fan, so let’s mourn the passing of a pop cultutal icon…..

The Duke Of Burgundy (2015) Trailer

It’s been a while coming, if you’ll excuse the smutty gag, but finally Peter Strickland’s highly acclaimed homage The Duke Of Burgundy gets a full trailer;

Will it make Minty’s films of the year list? Well I’ll leave you in breathless anticipation, as I discreetly finish off this years magnum opus….

Haircut Horrors….

After a particularly gruelling week of work I’m afraid I’m too tired – dead tired – to fully celebrate the spookiest night of the year. The best I can offer is this blast from the past which some of you may remember watching back in the day, and Clive Barker’s mullet should be enough to send you all shrieking to the nearest house of worship;

In other news, this seems faintly apt…..

Over Your Dead Body (2014) Trailer

In last months S&S I was thrilled to read that the infrequently brilliant Miike Takashi had begun production on his next film Yakuza Apocalypse, a project which he announced as ‘goodbye to tedious boring Japanese films’ which alludes to some of the more traditional, historically muted Samurai genre inflected material he has cleaved over the last few years. In the interim the legendary prolific genre master has also constructed this,

Well, that should keep us Miike fans going eh? In the press relase concerning Apocalypse Miike claims that ‘No one wanted this, but I am making a rampage back to the classics’ – god help us all….

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) Trailer 2

No Sundancing today, I had to take a break and focus my attention on some day job priorities, I’ll be back at the festival tomorrow for my final day and two final pictures. So here is the new Sin City trailer, which looks purty;