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Steve Jobs (2015) Trailer

That’s quite a team behind the product – Oscar winners© Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin on direction and script, and a high energy cast including Winslet, Stuhlburg, Daniels and Seth Rogan as the Woz. Purely coincidentally I am 2/3 through the official biography on the man which I picked up for the princely sum of 49p from a Colchester charity shop, and a well written, warts n’ all piece it is too. I can’t help think that Fassbender seems bizarrely miscast though, he’s a great actor n’all but he just doesn’t seem to fit the person portrayed in the book. I guess we shall see in October;

Jobs (2015) Trailer

AM I losing my mind? I thought it was only a few months ago that Bale dropped out of this project, and now we already have a trailer and a release date of October? That’s a pretty darn fast turnaround for the movie business isn’t it? I’m not a worshipper at the altar of jobs but theres no denying he was a figure of our age, and that a pretty robust cast and a Sorkin script – I’m in;

RIP Steve Jobs

Given his enormous technological and cultural influence and his relationship to Pixar I guess we can’t let his passing go unmentioned, so here is one of that studios finest hours;

I’m not a macolyte per se (he said counting the four iphone handsets, two ipods, mac-mini, G4 and dead imac in the cupboard) but you’ve got to admit he brought style and design to computers which on the Microsoft end of the market are still ugly, clunky software designs that really don’t compare. I’m also an avid podcast listener so I guess his company has had a major influence on my leisure time, as someone said ”Thanks for making my life a little more fun’ which I can heartily echo – and on that note watch this space for some more news on the broadcasting front….