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Malick Muses…..

Apologies for the quality but I think you fellow cinephiles will understand, that we are definitely in the midst of an end times scerario. I expect to see Pynchon on Fox news next week;


Secret Cinephile Circles

AHHey everybody, how are you doing? I keep trying to find the time to craft a think piece on the whole digital versus analogue debate but alas I keep getting distracted, especially when index posts like this arise and start earnest debates a,ong on-line cinephilia circles, mostly decrying these choices as being valid ‘under-the-radar’ secret cinephile handshakes. ‘How can you miss Observations?’ some accurately yell, while others snort dismissively that they haven’t even heard of Senses of Cinema or Cinephila & Beyond (special bonus Barry Lyndon repository here fellow Kubrickophiles). For the record most of these are known to me and I agree that the omissions are unfortunate, but some of the alternate offerings are actually quite well known. Such frivolities has lead me to this 2015 round-up which actually made laugh out loud as the kids are saying these days, especially the ‘Paul Giamatti Award for Overacting’ and the ‘Jaume Collet-Serra Award for Achievement in Films Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra’. The opening commentary asserting The Hateful Eight as being the perfect encapsulation of 2015 was also exquisitely written, now here is a compelling and unpretentious little primer on how to enhance your cinema appreciation;

While we’re on the subject of movies for a change I haven’t delved into the detail on Sundance which recently wrapped, but suffice to say The Birth Of A Nation sounds extraordinary and is already been whispered as next years Oscar favourite, and this year’s ceremony doesn’t even air for another fortnight. It does sound amazing, politically incendiary and brilliantly made although Rebecca Hall’s Christine also sounds great – let’s hope they both make it to London in the Summer. Now don’t mind me, I’ll just be whimpering here in  the corner, quietly licking my wounds at missing out on tickets for a March Curzon Soho special preview screening of Anomolisa with Charlie Kaufman present at an exclusive Q&A – sold out in two minutes apparently….

Pasolini (2014) Trailer

Well hasn’t this got some film fanatics in a right old tizzy – the prospect of New York demon Abel Ferrera chronicling a similarly controversial figure, the Marxist homosexual Italian cinema firebrand whom was allegedly killed at  the secret orders of the government. Now due to some genius in the marketing department the trailer is blocked from sharing – because of course nothing gets the word out best about your movie than actively suppressing the fucking trailer – but you can go direct to the source here, instead here is Abel providing some context;

Abel Ferrara à propos de Pasolini from La Cinémathèque française on Vimeo.

Whatever the result this will be essential viewing from the movie fan perspective, I’d say that Willem Dafoe could be genius level casting. Whilst we’re on the subject of Ferrera I revisited King Of New York recently as it stands up very well, out on a lively Blu-Ray transfer which enable you to appreciate one of Walken’s more persona cementing performances….