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No, he’s Spartacus….

Always found it clunky when they do this in movies, but this super-cut is kinda fun;

Title Drops from Roman Holiday on Vimeo.

The State Of The Title…

Looks like its time again for the annual glut of gloomfest thinkpieces of the state of the industry, yet somehow cinema still marches on, as it has, for almost 130 years. It’s been quite a journey;

Say What Again….

Yes, this seems apt for this miserable, rainswept Monday;

Dark Halloween Lagoons…..

This meme has mostly been representing my reaction to Halloween this year, although I have enjoyed American Horror Hotel Season 5 which I veinjacked this weekend – great soundtrack choices, including faintly obscure Cure, Depeche ModeSisters Of Mercy and Tangerine Dream drills, the latter running as a barely cloaked evil epiphany throughout the entire season. Still, tonight, soundwise the Menagerie finally sees John Carpenter and all his acolytes in all their gruesome glory, which is beyond immortal imagination. I will have a review of this and a recent Carpenter classic screening to follow;

….and this has made me discover that the brilliant Near Dark is only available in Blu-Ray region 1, what unholy travesty is this? Still, my old-school DVD double pack is my tribute to the pagan hangover of choice, ‘pray for daylight’ indeed, and just to gloat it looks fantastic, some might say freshly blooded on my upscaling A/V system…..

Reversals Of Fortune….

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Smash TV

Working on a few things, always with the reminder that history means inevitability. Enjoy?;

Megaplex from Smash TV on Vimeo.

A History Of Horror

With more than enough horror occupying the front pages these days I hesitated in posting this, but it is rather good;

100 Years….

No, not a pungent collection of misery doom laden gothic keening, this is something altogether more cinematic, but the soundtrack clicks together quite well if you align image and sound;

100 Years/100 Shots from Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo.

Post Kill Quips….

Doing the rounds following that amusing pre-kill quipping montage, this might close your weekend with a void welcoming bang;

Tomorrow we start our Kurosawa season with a visit to the BFI of epic proportions – here’s a little primer to get your blades hungry;

Killing Jokes

No movies this weekend as the Menagerie is preparing a decant to pastures new, I just hope Midnight Special hangs around in theatres long enough to catch it when I carve out some increasingly precious movie time. Instead here is some homicidal quipping to keep you amused, I suspect Ahnoldt will be making quite a litany of representation in this montage;