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Predator (1987) 30th Anniversary

Predator is 30, and that makes me feel old. I distinctly remember seeing the trailer for this on Film ’87 here in the UK, back in those distant days when the only way you could even see a trailer was a glimpse on TV, or as a preview in t he theatre. Heh, I also remember being in school the next day, and trying to convince my friends that yes the creature was a chameleon type thing, as they scoffed at my improbable assertions. Well who’s laughing now muthafuckers?;

That article above is full of amusing anecdotes and asides, the fact that they shot the picture without much of an idea of what the creature would look like until they enrolled the skills of the great Stan Winston is classic, and the multiple Van Damme stories are priceless….

Maggie (2015) Trailer

The first thing this reminds me of is those rumors of Ahnoldt circling Ridley Scott’s proposed adaption of I Am Legend in the 1990’s, and then it goes all emotional and moody. I don’t think I like a weeping Terminator, and lets face it all his movies since he came back to the screen have been relentless three star affairs. Alas after a promising start this looks no different;

Ahnoldt’s Observations…

A slow news day, so some have been promoting this as an amusing little aside to Autumn misery. I digress, I thought it was pretty meh, but then again I have witnessed the genius that is the John Millius / Ahnoldt Conan  commentary;

Pure, unadulterated steroid enhanced comedy gold there, my favourite being ‘she’s a valkeryie….’

The Last Stand (2013) Trailer

Is it Wednesday already? That’s flown by, soon it’ll be the weekend and I’ll have two major releases to ponder, the question is to I see both Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln on the Saturday and then spend all day Sunday crafting my ruminations, or do I split the two over a film and review per day? Decisions, decisions….and then this goes and throws a spanner in the works;

I know it don’t look good but heck, I was raised on a diet of Austrian cheese – hmm, that’s a phrase that sounded better in my head than written down – so I think I should give Ahnoldt the benefit of the doubt, it flopped in America but the directors got pedigree, plus Luiz Guzman and Forest Whitaker are in it, and by the looks of things I could do with a light-hearted break after two intense looking, detailed and lengthy movies. What’s a movie nerd to do?

Recalling Total Recall (1990)

Weird. I’m sure it can all be explained away with the imminent release of the remake but this week has already given me a distinct feeling of  deja-vu. Certain Picturehouse Cinemas in London are having a one-off special screening of the original Total Recall this evening, I would have popped along to Greenwich as coincidently I have just read the chapter behind its torturous expedition to screen in this which I got for my birthday, but I revisted the film on TV a few days ago and I really cannot face sitting through the film again, plus it’s raining, plus that would cost money, and I actually have seen it on the big screen when it originally came out twenty two years ago;

For the record, the Cronenberg version – you did know that Cronenberg was originally attached to direct and spent a year penning the screenplay didn’t you? – sounded like it would have been a real mindfuck with much more manipulation of reality going on, but of course that wasn’t going to fly with ole Ahnoldt in the lead role and the inevitable requirement for squibs and quips now was it? I still think it’s fun although it has dated badly on the SFX front, but sequences such as this remain original. The commentary looks like it could be worth a listen. OK, yes, this is another filler post while I feverishly put together part two of a long-awaited reprise post, give me a few days, OK? In the meantime, here is some violence;