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No, he’s Spartacus….

Always found it clunky when they do this in movies, but this super-cut is kinda fun;

Title Drops from Roman Holiday on Vimeo.


Screen On Screen…

This is nice, I instantly though of JC’s Mountains Of Madness when I read the premise of the supercut;

Say What Again….

Yes, this seems apt for this miserable, rainswept Monday;

Virtual Movies

Several million kudos points for getting Fassbinders World On A Wire in there, someone has done their homework…..

Reversals Of Fortune….

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It’s for you, Senor…..

Is it weird to consider that I am looking forward to seeing Sicario tomorrow night as much for a fix of Deakins cinematography as I am in seeing a (by all accounts) brilliantly delivered narco-thriller? OK, don’t answer that. Speaking of narco, I’m looking forward to seeing this which sounds like Goodfellas crossed with Traffic. In the meantine here’s a nice supercut, with a fairly good breadth of era;

You lose, Space Cadet….

This is retroactively awesome, good to see the classic Night Of The Comet in there;