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Hush (2016) Trailer

Already terrifying audiences on US Netflix Mike Oculus Flanagan’s follow-up to his fine 2013 film is another cat-and-mouse chase through the woods. The complication? She’s hearing impaired, which should make for some of those anxious, skin crawling opportunities for the predator to tease his prey;

Heh, that trailer made me go ohhh as I bet most of the film plays in silence, as he has proved himself as a director who understands thresholds and technique. I loved Oculus as my completely unexpected surprise at TiFF, so while I doubt this will get a theatrical release here it would probably stalk European Netflix in a few months…..

The Visit (2015) Trailer

Yes I’ve been quiet, and yes this is more mere filler, but when you see what I have been quietly beavering away on some of you SF genre fans should be intrigued. I have been toying with posting the ‘new’ Fantastic Four trailer but it just makes me want to clobber things, and yes I know a final Mad Max trailer is doing the rounds which I refuse to watch as anticipation levels are high enough as it is, so instead here’s the new M.Night Shayamalan’s alleged high quality return to his spooky case-studies;

Oh, I see it’s a found footage picture. Nothing desperate then after the catastrophe of Another Earth ’cause that terror delivery system’s not been done to fucking death….

Tomorrowland (2015) Trailer

Yes, I know it’s been a little quiet round here of late, in my defence I’ve begun in earnest the long climb of my Films Of The Year collation, which as usual is no small task. In that light I’ve been scanning next year’s release patterns for some potentially choice morsals, and eventually got round to catching the teaser for this;

Colour me slightly intrigued. I like the Cloonster and Brad Bird has proven his chops in the directorial department, heck I’ve not even sure if the films is based on a book / graphic novel / YA franchise / TV Series / computer game or anything. I think I’ll try to keep it that way until opening weekend….

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Trailer

Well this has got the film loving corners of the internet in a flutter;

Hmm. I’m not sure where I stand on Wes Anderson, I liked Rushmore, Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket, but his last few films have been pretty insipid, horribly twee chores and this looks no different. I can see why people like him and others loathe him, but Bill Murray’s passing appearance at the end made me laugh so I’ll give it a chance, if only for the strong ensemble cast. In other news this amuses me no end….

Kick-ass trailer

Oh. My. God.

I’m sold, further details here.

Inception Teaser

Well, at least one movie of 2010 looks genuinely exciting and it appears to be occurring just round the corner from Gotham City. When I and friends saw Avatar just before Christmas none other than Mr. Nolan and his missus wandered into the Odeon Leicester Square and sat a few rows in front of us – I see that this new project will be in IMAX but I wonder if he has been prompted to go 3D? Extrapolating from the vague spoilers running around it seems to fit the subject matter…