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Lucky Logan (2017) Trailer

Stephen’s back! Having revisited a number of his recent movies I am beyond happy to see that his retirement was premature, I really do think he is one of the most underrated US directors of the past twenty or so years. This looks like a lot of fun, with an expansive cast, and Daniel Craig looks like he’s having a laugh;


The Woods (2016) Full Trailer

Hot and bothered in the sweltering pre-Apocalypse UK August heatwave? Well then gentle reader please allow me then to chill you to the very marrow of your eldritch bones, with what we now know as the amusingly cloaked Blair Witch sequel – be afraid, be very afraid;

Well, I didn’t think that looked that scary, a bit claustrophobic at best, and I’m surprised they’re not programming this for a Halloween release – I guess we’ll see. I’m assuming it has a preview at this weekends Frightfest, and if it convinces that crowd of psychopaths then I’m in for a bewitching cinema visit….

Jurrasic World (2015) Trailer 2

Yet another trailer as primative filler, tis the blockbuster excitement generator season so what can I say? I promise I am going to see some films this week and will break this drought, but until then don’t velocorapt yourselves;

Lots of callbacks to the 1993 original huh? I’m still not convinced, but if they pull off a big dumb action popcorn flick then that will be enough, and maintain Chris Pratt’s continual rise…..

Tomorrowland (2015) Trailer

Well that was a first day on a new assignment. If you remember I always grade my new collaborators on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the following they have secured prior to my arrival; briefed the staff; arranged a desk; sourced a laptop/PC; arranged a pass and IT sign-ins; collated some ‘welcome’ pack of strategy documents, Cabinet papers etc. to support exactly what I will be doing & delivering. On that analysis my new partners in crime scored precisely zero out of five, so it looks like I’ve got my fucking work cut out for me with this one. Speaking of strange expectations;

I’m intrigued, but a little ‘hpmhf’ at the whole chase element of the trailer which seems a bit lazy. So what is this, some stream-punk update of The Wizard Of Oz or something?

Transcendence (2014) Trailer

Yes, just another trailer I’m afraid, since the diminutive Hobbit ambled along and decimated screens there isn’t much else out at the moment, although American Hustle has opened on one screen in the West End, so I’ll probably make an effort for that just after Christmas. In the interim here is a new SF style film which quite extraordinarily appears to be based on a original script;

The wise of you out there will recognise first time director Wally Pfster as Chris Nolan’s long time cinematographer, and from that relatively restrained trailer I think this could go either way – a thought provoking thriller on our evolving technology, or The Lawnmomer Man III: The Algorithming…..

Final Cut 2013

This is beginning to look like an epic week, trailers for the Wackowski’s new SF epic Jupiter Ascending beams down tomorrow, and later in the week that Godzilla trailer finally escapes from the caverns of the sea, and a certain beastly film franchise gets its second installment – given the glowing reviews I’ve skimmed on twitter I’m actually getting quite excited although not everyone agrees. It also looks like a late push of quality fare might disrupt all these end of year lists, with American Hustle and Wolf Of Wall Street going gangbusters, critically speaking, in the States. A vintage year perhaps?;

Oh yeah, and the first trailer for some new film by some British guy should also touch down – I’m sure that won’t go unoticed…..

Blue Caprice (2013) Trailer

I vividly remember when this story was endlessly scrolling out through the 24 hour news cycle in the anxious aftermath of 9/11, and this looks pretty tense;

I know some of you have been patiently waiting for my Heavens Gate review, in my defence I’ve had a density of admin to prioritize for Monday and have been working on some SOS material which should be published soon. In the meantime here’s one of those tasty list posts to quench your movie musing thirst, my remarks on the studio slaying horse opera will be published tomorrow – unless of course I go and masochistically endure The Lone Ranger which should indicate that I’m finally losing my grip;

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

This looks a change of pace for the Coens, normally any new film from them would have been on my ‘Films To See’ annual wrap up but I admit this slipped under the radar, I’m surprised to see a trailer for this appearing so early – nice cast as usual;

In other news the annual Kubrick story seems to be doing the rounds again, and let me perfectly clear in as possibly as tedious a fashion as possible – this is a non-story, even passing film fans are aware of the alternate ending, thus this ain’t no ‘exclusive’ that should be breathlessly clogging up your social media feeds until the real holy grail is uncovered and an actual god-damn intact print is discovered  and exhibited – now that would be an event worthy of  religious idolatry. Speaking of the ancient Eighties this should warp your tiny minds;

I’ve always thought Max Headroom, that initial foray into neon-shielded cyberspace could do with an internet era re-boot…..

‘Make Trailers, Make Trailers!!!’….

After a day off visiting the folks and very specifically taking a break from the internet let’s get back in the game. Here’s the first trailer for Martin McDonagh’s new film, his follow-up to the low-key critical smash In Bruges from 2008, he seems to have expanded his cast credentials but still likes playing in the criminal underworld with Seven Psychopaths;

One assumes (fingers crossed) that they are keeping the foul language and McDonagh’s bleak sense of humour obscured for the film rather than including them in this green-band trailer, for me this was a little underwhelming from an initial scan but the ‘Put Your Hands Up’ / ‘No’ / ‘But….that doesn’t make sense’ exchange was promising. And so to the bad news, RIP SF author Harry Harrison who was never one of my favourites, but he still achieved some prescient predictions with his most famous book and subsequent film adaptation;

I’ll bet next weeks rations that they have been planning a remake for quite a while, seems like a good candidate for a revisit with some updates on the political and environmental developments of the last forty years. Although I love the genre and this specific era of movie SF adaptations this always felt a little flat for me with the exception of this meta-cinema scene;

After over forty years in the industry, from those snarling racketeers in the early Warner Brother talkies, this was Edward G. Robinson’s final scene that he ever shot, riddled with cancer he died a few days later. Two associated points – we recently bypassed the seven billion benchmark and did you know that the loosely secret ingredient of lovely, tasty soylent green was entirely a fabrication of the screenwriter which wasn’t in the original novel? Legend has it that Harrison, locked out of the film’s production was nevertheless invited to the 1973 premiere, and when that moment spooled the cinema was pushed into a shocked awe, with Harry breaking the moment with a densely vocal ‘WHAT THE FUCK!!!’….

…which largely echoes my reaction to this new Ahnoldt trailer. Words fail me, I don’t recall (no pun intended) a previous incidence of an ‘actor’ going on to the high exaltations of political office and then returning to the industry in such a ridiculous manner, this will be a strange one to consume….I need me some sanity;

Minty’s October Miscellanea…

I’ve been so damn busy that I missed my fourth birthday which occurred a week or so ago, but don’t worry the lack of good wishes, cards or presents from you gentle readers will be overlooked due to our mutual sense of eternal, everlasting shame (sobs..) I have hopefully managed to secure a longer term commitment to my current assignment, personally speaking this is great news considering the current, horrific fiscal climate, believe me as these paralysing cuts lacerate over the next 12 months things are going to get very, very tough in both the public (30% cuts in local government – jesus christ) and private spheres – and those interdependencies are more critical than I’d imagined or previously understood. I could rant but I’ll spare you that emission, lets move on to the fictional world (sobs…), so what’s been happening trailer wise I hear you cry?

A big fat zero of nothing is the answer to that question, a quick trawl around reveals nothing that particularly punches my buttons, so here is some more grindhouse hilarity;

That’s certainly a tandem alternative to the arty LFF stuff that I’ve been enjoying, compare and contrast Never Let Me Go and Miike’s 13 Assassins (my biggest miss of the festival, there are no press screenings and both official screenings sold out in minutes, much to my frustration) with that first couple of trailers. Anyway,  in terms of general miscellanea then I strongly recommend this excellent series of documentaries on the horror film, fellow aficionado Mark Gatiss hosts and writes the series and he certainly knows his onions, as usual with the BBC there are fine production values, appropriate clips and some fascinating interviews with some of the moldering survivors. I’ve only skim read much of The Guardian’s amusing  ‘The Greatest Films Ever‘ season but there are some pearls amongst the swine, writer Joe Queenan can be terrifically funny and insightful, at least they got one two things right. This finally arrived in the mail and I’m saving it for an evening devoid of competing attractions, it’s a turn to SF completest material and I’ve been looking forward to it since it was screened at this years Berlin Film Festival, I’m not much of a Fassbinder fan but it sounds mesmerizing, I’d never even heard of it until it was announced in Sight & Sound a few months ago. Finally, did you ever wonder what happened to all those colonial marine after their misguided sorte down on LV426? Well wonder no more. Some more hilarity, I’ve not unearthed these versions of the Assault or Warriors trailers before;

So there’s five more films to see at the Festival that I’ve arranged, including a press screening of the closing gala film next week, then there’s Halloween to think about (rather than pull a zombie evening or slasher bloodbath I was thinking of delivering a good old-fashioned post on some of the best celluloid ghost stories, that should be change from the norm eh?), I’ve got my Godfather II review to finish (50% done), I have to catch a screening of Metropolis where I can which should be an interesting double bill along with the long-awaited European unleashing of Machete, somewhere around there I’ll hit my 500th post celebrations then it’ll be Christmas and Tron Legacy and my best of the year compendium – phew, clearly there will be no rest for the wicked.  Much more impending is tomorrows Black Swan screening followed by my first official  press conference which I’m anxious to attend,  a chance to see Aronofsky pontificate on his acclaimed new movie  should be fun although I might just sabotage the event with a host of nerdish questions on this recent announcement. Only joking of course, I don’t want to jeopardise my chances of wooing Mila Kunis now do I? Hubba Hubba.