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RIP Powers Boothe

I’m a little late to the wake on this one, but felt I had to pay my respects. What a fantastic name and presence this dude had with a long running collaboration with the similarly robust Walter Hill, and he was also terrific in such cult favourites as Red Dawn, Deadwood and Sin City. I have a soft spot for Vietnam allegory Southern Comfort however, a important and frequently rewatched movie n my youth;


The Warriors (1979) Reunion

Thirty-six seems like a weird year to celebrate an anniversary, but then again The Warriors was never a beast that ran with the conformist pack. I’d love to craft a full review one day and rest assured I will catch it on the big screen, however I wanted an excuse to post this terrific reminiscence of the film’s production which was much more chaotic and dangerous than I realised;

I can’t believe that Windows from The Thing was supposed to be the lead, until director Walter Hill had enough of his diva like antics and killed him (well, killed his character in the film) and replaced him with Swan as the lead – that’s some tightrope walking filmmaking right there. It’s also a great pub quiz question – how many members of The Warriors can you name? I think that long mooted remake is still floating around even after Tony Scott’s passing as he was shepherding it to production, I really can’t see how they could possibly match the period specific urban malaise of the era…..