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Birdman (2014) Trailer

Whilst I watched this trailer when it nested a few months ago it slipped my mind in terms of posting, it seems I’ve made a grievous error as the opening night plaudits from Venice have hailed this as a near masterpiece, including such remarkable claims as Keaton being in Academy Award contention (yeah, I know, whatever the merit of quality the Oscars are eh?) and more intriguingly that this is Alejandro González .G Iñárritu’s best film yet – hmmm;

We shall see, upon a subsequent viewing this looks like a very insular prod at the industry which are always popular at insular festivals, so maybe that impetus is soaring through the screening houses. In associated news my application for the LFF is in progress although day job priorities may make such commitments immensely complex, although I’m sure this movie will migrate to blighty as part of its increasingly proficient migration. I’m distinctly unmoved by the opening and closing night gala announcements (as usual) but I am being drip fed some early indicators from this years TiFF, nothing high-profile as I’m certainly nowhere near that important of course, but it is nice to have a few on-line screeners being hurled this way…


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