After all, it's just a ride….

Wonder Woman (2017) Trailer

One of the few, perhaps the only redeeming feature of BvS was the introduction of Wonder Woman as a long awaited addition to the big-screen superhero canon. I won’t bore you with the horrific response of certain sectors of the on-line community when women are central protagonists in genre material, you’re up to date I’m sure on that depressing diatribe. But now we have the new trailer for one of comic books eldest eldritch erinyes, and as far as I’m concerned this looks fairly darn exciting;

Strange emphasis on Chris Pine in this preview though, is he the main character in this picture? Hmm…..In a vaguely connected thread I think I’m going to catch the new Ghostbusters picture and Spielberg’s the BFG tomorrow, it’s been a while since a managed a double bill and one must catch up…..


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