After all, it's just a ride….

A Partial Cure For The Summertime Blues….

Christ, its all kicking off today isn’t it? Well to combat the malaise as I have no review this week here is some filler which is intended to provoke a grin of stirring appreciation. It’s far too Americentric for its own good but still reasonably effective with a good mix of classics;

I love the score from 06:51, always a favourite. So it’s been rather quiet lately here at Menagerie towers but I have a fairly intense month booked at the BFI for July, kicking off with a very odd horror cult curio which I’ve been trying to see again for years, and a couple of special events concerning one of the UK’s most fragmented film pioneers – remember this is on Sunday. Before then I suppose I might manufacture a review of the new Terminator film which by all accounts is as terrible as the trailer suggests, and there was me thinking that this summer couldn’t evolve a worse picture than Jurassic World

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