After all, it's just a ride….

Malick Musings….

Inevitably the backlash has been arrested with a backlash, with some defending Malick’s recent mystery. I’m still percolating, and as I said I think I need another couple of viewings, but it has been playing on my mind beyond the surface issues. At the very least an American director interrogating and refracting on previous world cinema heights is to be celebrated, a quite rare incident these days, as illustrated here;

Maybe Marvel should give him the first slot in phase 4, although they’ve probably missed a trick with the imminent Dr. Strange movie. His take on yet another rebooted Fantastic Four picture might make it right, complete with a philosophical Silver Surfer and an imperious Galactus silently pondering the nature of the infinite, the indiscriminate cycle of birth and death, although this pitch might not be as wise as my nomination of Sophia Coppola to direct a Halo Jones adaption. OK, OK, hear me out – Malick directs mildly Angry Birds 2?


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