After all, it's just a ride….

The Frankenstein Complex (2016) Trailer

Hmm, just stumbled across this in this months Sight & Sound review section, an intriguing sounding documentary on the history of creature design and make-up in the movies. I expect lots of talking head discussions with the sinister likes of Rob Bottin, Dick Smith, Greg Niccettero and Rick Baker, supported by the usual monstrous musings of Del Toro, Joe Dante and John Landis. According to the review this is for one for aficionados only not the lurking layman, as the budget couldn’t stretch to specific illustrative clips from the source movie themselves – sounds right up my slime drenched alley;

Off to the Barbican tonight to see Richard Linklater who is in town to promote his latest movie, I haven’t even seen that trailer so I know absolutely nothing about what I’m letting myself in for – should be fun…..


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